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In mediation, parties in a disagreement meet with a neutral, confidential mediator to resolve the dispute themselves. An agreement that the parties negotiate is prepared, thereby ending the dispute. Mediation can be used to resolve situations at the informal level, such as between family members that are having interpersonal challenges or employees that are having difficulty working with one another. Also, mediation can be used to resolve cases that have been filed in court or with an administrative agency. In both types of situations, instead of someone outside of the conflict making decisions for the people involved, the parties themselves take control and decide.

There are numerous advantages to mediation including:

When thinking about hiring a mediator, you may want to consider the following:

Do you feel comfortable with the mediator's approach and style?

Some mediators evaluate the situation and tell the parties how they should settle the case. Common Ground has a different approach to mediation. We use a style of mediation that empowers the parties themselves to determine how the conflict will be resolved. We believe that the people involved in the disagreement are in the best position to determine what the resolution should be. Also, people are more likely to embrace the resolution and follow through on responsibilities set forth in the agreement if they are the ones that come up with the agreement.

How much mediation experience does the mediator have in the type of situation in which you are involved?

Robin Amadei, Director, has been mediating employment, family (including divorce and family relationships), business, real estate, community and education disputes since 1990. Also, Robin is an attorney and draws upon her background in law to help clients negotiate a complete resolution to their disagreement.

What specific mediation training does the mediator have?

Robin Amadei has over 400 hours of mediation training in all of the areas in which she mediates. Robin believes that one should never stop learning and continues to take advanced trainings and attend conferences to hone her mediation skills. Also, Robin teaches and trains in the areas of mediation, advanced mediation, negotiation and conflict management for the University of Denver. She trains in these areas for government agencies and private industry as well.

Is the Mediator involved in professional organizations that require adherence to a code of conduct?

Robin Amadei is a Profession Mediation in accordance with the Mediation Association of Colorado (theMAC) and an Advanced Practitioner Member with the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). Both of these membership designations require the mediator to meet required levels of training and experience. Robin is a former Director of theMAC (former secretary for two years) and the Founding President of theMAC-Boulder, a county-wide chapter of the state organization. Robin is a former co-chair of the Boulder Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and the former Membership Chair of the Colorado Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

Robin believes strongly in adhering to theMAC and ACR codes of professional conduct. In fact she teaches ethics as a module of her mediation trainings. 

Link to theMAC:  www.coloradomediation.org
Link to ACR:  http://www.acrnet.org

How does the mediator envision proceeding in the type of case presented?

Every case is unique and the process may vary depending on the dynamics between the parties and the law involved in the dispute. Robin works with her clients to design a process that will work for them.

What does the mediator charge and what services are included?

Mediators vary widely on their fees. Fees are set based upon mediation experience, background and market rates. Common Ground is reasonably priced and provides excellent service.

Common Ground offers mediation in the following areas: employment, intra-family, divorce, real estate, and business (including succession planning). 

To Contact Common Ground: E-mail: RAmadei@aol.com; Phone:303-604-1960.

Helping People Reach Common Ground